• Lack of IoT-related talent is considered the main obstacle for businesses looking to use or develop IoT solutions

With nearly 50 billion smart devices connected to the internet, and the IoT platforms like ANANKE gathering, analysing, using artificial intelligence to automate decision making, it is estimated that over two million IoT related jobs will be created by the end of the decade. The ANANKE IoT Academic Program is a “gateway” to the future for students, makers, and researchers.

IoT Academic Programme

The ANANKE IoT Academic Program consists of the ANANKE IoT Platform in a hosted environment where students and lecturers can conduct research and build their own IoT applications. Users also gain access to step-by-step educational content that will help them quickly learn the platform.

Why Join Us

Our Academic Programme can improve university reputation by providing an IoT education that is relevant to industry needs, ensuring gainful employment of its graduates and preparing future innovators and entrepreneurs. Our partner institutes have increased student retention while attracting new students and corporate sponsorships.

ANANKE not only equip the students with the tools they need for the IoT but also gives them a platform to shine and grow as tech entrepreneurs.