• Begin your IoT journey with ANANKE

ANANKE IoT Platform

The ANANKE IoT platform consists of tools that enable you to design, connect, analyse, and build IoT solutions.


The plug play device provides you the capability to connect to the ANANKE IoT platform without any hardware knowledge. It comes with an actuator and sensors to gather necessary data quickly and easily. ANANKE Pro is available to purchase via the ANANKE App Store.

ANANKE App Store

The store provides utilities and other extensions that add new capabilities to ANANKE. The store also allows developers to sell their own apps, extensions and devices.


We offer students from partner Universities and Institutes free access to ANANKE IoT platform not only to encourage building IoT solutions but also to make successful solutions available to the market via ANANKE App store. Students can also purchase ANANKE Pro at a discounted price from the App Store.


By leveraging the power of the ANANKE IoT platform, developers can use development tools and API’s to quickly connect devices, build secure applications and derive meaningful insights from the data gathered.