• A plug and play device for ANANKE that enables rapid development of smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things

ANANKE Pro is a comprehensive configurable plug and play device that comes with actuator and sensors. It enables developers to create, test and deploy solutions faster than ever thought possible.

ANANKE Pro Features

Wireless Communication

ANANKE Pro has its built in wireless modules; Wi-Fi and cellular SIM Modules to establish connections with the ANANKE IoT Platform.

Easy Connectivity

You can use the code on the ANANKE Pro to add it to your ANANKE account. After adding, all the configurations for the sensor/actuator interfaces can be remotely done from your ANANKE account.

Control Over the Internet

All the actuators connected to your ANANKE Pro device are automated by the control commands coming from ANANKE predefined routing configuration.

Standard Hardware Interfaces

You can integrate sensors or actuator controllers to ANANKE Pro with Analog/Digital interfaces, I2C or SPI interfaces.

Real-time Operation

ANANKE Pro uses MQTT communication which is fast and near real-time. That's how ANANKE Pro responds and senses real-time over the internet.


ANANKE Pro APIs helps you to configure and control your ANANKE Pro remotely and problematically.