• ANANKE gives you full power to blend the IoT data to make smart moves

ANANKE offers a cost-effective and scalable cloud based IoT platform for application developers. ANANKE makes it possible to bring ideas into reality with its pre-configured IoT stack and core functionalities which handles communication, machine learning and real-time events.

How ANANKE Works

For each of your IoT projects, ANANKE creates a separate instance and the ANANKE stack is initiated, providing a simplified, seamless approach for developers to connect devices and create comprehensive IoT solutions. ANANKE lets you manage IoT device connectivity in a graphical,user friendly approach. In ANANKE, the connected devices can be linked to each other using a "routing" like mechanism. Not only physical devices you can link, but also ANANKE services (such as machine learning) which are considered as virtual devices. To connect a device to ANANKE, you can use our SDKs or ANANKE Pro Devices.


Unique Built-in Architecture

ANANKE proposes a unique architecture for the IoT world. The message gateway, seeing everything as a device and concept of information routing are the main components of the ANANKE architecture.

Analysing Big Data

Due to affiliated Machine Learning Techniques ANANKE can support multiple sensor readings analysing millions of input data packets to produce meaningful yields.

Flawless Integration

You can change the routing configuration in ANANKE anytime, even your IoT applications are live. The changes will be in effect immediately after your routing configuration.

Unlimited Enhancements

ANANKE is one of the most user friendly IoT platforms which keeps on enhancing and unfolding unbeatable features.

End-to-End Security

ANANKE adds standard TLS/SSL transport layer security with credentials based application layer security, making your information stream more secure.

Flexible Connectivity

ANANKE users can connect almost any hardware device developing user preferred applications with ANANKE SDKs.

Easy integration with Business Logic

Integration with ANANKE is done via the bridging libraries. Different versions of bridging libraries are available for NodeJs,PHP,Java,Python and C++ which makes it possible to integrate ANANKE to business logic without platform dependency.