• Built in features enable developers to easily connect and effectively manage the performance of any device or sensor

Ananke IOT platform comes with a complete set of development tools, capabilities and customisable components so you can implement your ideas without worrying about complexities of the operating system.

Multi-Protocol Connectivity

ANANKE includes all the necessary components for an IoT application such as Analytics, Storage and Multi Protocol Communication. ANANKE is supporting MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS and Websocket Protocolls along with its security implementations.

Application Data Storage

ANANKE is capable of dealing and storing of any type or level of data regardless of its quantity.

Customisable Rule Engine

Using ANANKE, Applications depend on simple to more complex logics can be easily implemented by defining custom rules.

Statistical Analytics

ANANKE is acting like a human brain providing most accurate information. Results are coming after analyzing trillions of data within seconds time.

Configurable Machine Learning Module

ANANKE Machine Learning techniques can support multiple sensor readings analyzing millions of data to produce meaningful results.

Application Specific Decision Storage

ANANKE is a friendly technical partner handling complexities whilst adapting the application it binds with.


ANANKE built in modules have communicable APIs and depend on the module selection set of APIs are there to operate.

Inter Application Communication

ANANKE defines a novel software concept optimized for IoT applications, which is in fact programmed in a structural based manner. This concept is found upon the basis, “Every software is a routing”.