Ananke IoTea


ANANKE IoTea is an end-to-end IoT Platform to monitor this process with sensor driven tea leaves withering monitoring devices.

Route Radar

Tracking Solutions [Route Radar]

Providing compound information related to day to day user tracking needs (via mobile phone and GPS Tracking) making lives efficient and organized.


Agricultural Condition Monitoring Platform [Farmland]

Mobile Application based product, enabling its users to closely monitor farmlands and facilitating real time analysis of agricultural data.


Robot Development Platform [MiCAR]

Developed for beginners to start building basic electronics systems. Built in microcontrollers can be replaced based on the business needs.


Automatic Ocular Disease Identification System

Screening and automatic identification of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract using cutting edge ophthalmic instruments and next generation image processing technology.


Construction Worker Health & Safety Monitoring System

wearable device to take accurate pulse readings and skin temperature