• Construction Worker Health & Safety Monitoring System


Founded in 1995, Niigata-based ibsystem has a profound background in IT technology and focuses mainly on diverse solutions from system development to communications applications. With a strong team of 11 technology experts, ibsystem have developed applications for many industry sectors.

By shifting their business strategy and partnering with Effective Solutions, ibsystem had been able to create its own innovative, full-service IoT solution that sets them apart from the competition. They found an edge by developing an Internet of Things (IoT) solution paired with a wearable device from the ground-up, creating health and safety efficiencies within construction sector.


In today’s smart, connected world, ibsystem looked for the edge over the competition.

Before partnering with Effective Solutions, ibsystem built IoT solutions but found it lacked hardware capabilities. They needed a team with both electronic engineering and IoT expertise who can design and build devices for custom applications. They turned to Effective Solutions to help research and develop a new wearable device that is able to capture pulse and skin temperature readings from construction workers and capture environmental readings from challenging environments they work in.

There were number of challenges; construction workers attire interfered with readings from traditional wearable devices and constant physical activities made it difficult to get accurate readings from wearables existed in the market. In addition, sensors tuned for environmental readings such as humidity, atmospheric pressure and the GPS unit are power hungry and bulky. The challenge for Effective Solutions was to come up with a device and design that is both practical for challenging environments and reliable for readings.


A device that can take accurate pulse readings and skin temperature from the earlobe with a total of 6 different sensors.

Effective Solutions Engineers identified the back of the earlobe as the most accurate and effective place to take the readings from. Construction worker workwear doesn’t interfere with the device and constant physical activities had the least effect on a device worn on the ear. Our engineers also moved the GPS, humidity, pressure, air temperature sensors, power unit and the Bluetooth unit to a separate base unit mounted on the safety helmet, meeting the brief to the point.

Research completed by our team included the distance between the sensor placement, curvature to eliminate the possibility of forming air pockets between the sensors and the skin, and a single device design that can be worn on the ear, around the neck and on the wrist.

Earpiece with 2 sensors

  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature

Base unit with 4 sensors

  • GPS
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Air temperature


A working prototype with 6 sensors, Bluetooth connection and a demo mobile app.

Resulting device delivered much more than the brief provided by ibsystem. The device not only provides accurate readings but also has many use cases such as highway construction and maintenance, rail infrastructure construction and maintenance, manufacturing, mining, fire fighters and many more lone worker scenarios.


Effective Solutions is looking to partner with world class research organisations and universities for following research opportunities:

  • Further development of the earlobe sensory system
  • Improvement of the accuracy of the readings from the earlobe
  • On-chip calculation algorithms for parameters
  • New miniaturised circuit designs